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Feel like building great new companies?


Building Nordic Unicorns = Reindeers 🦌 

We are on a mission to create an ecosystem that delivers several fast growing and scalable startups.

We call them “reindeers”: they might be rare but do exist. If you feel like building them with us, let us know.


We collect, nurture and test new ideas continuously. We help founders form A-teams to succeed.


Best teams and ideas will receive funding to become a fast growing company.


We gather talent to form a community that can solve real world problems to build successful companies. 

Our Ventures

We scout the best talent to test, build and scale new companies. We do this together with our partners and co-founders, creating the best conditions and atmosphere to advance bold ideas and solve meaningful problems.

Contact us today to be part of our ecosystem.

Our Team

We are entrepreneurs on a mission to find the secret sauce for building better companies. 

Taneli Tikka

Taneli Tikka


Mikko Riikkinen

Mikko Riikkinen


Stefano Mosconi

Stefano Mosconi


Helene Auramo

Helene Auramo


Oy 52nd Ventures Ltd


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